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When you are in recovery from any type of breast cancer recovery, or any cancer or major surgery for that matter, yoga can be a powerful tool for healing. Elaine is certified by Exclusive Yoga and teacher Camille Kitrell


Women living with, through, and beyond a breast cancer diagnosis may find Exclusive Yoga’s program to be an especially effective way to regain a sense of serenity, security, and promise in their bodies.




  • Calming breath techniques also promote lymph flow.

  • Gentle stretch moves and mild yoga enhance range of motion and flexibility in the neck, back, chest and shoulders.

  • Dynamic lower body stretches benefit hips, legs, and joints.

  • Total body relaxation and life-affirming meditation aid the natural self-healing process.

  • oga is a natural self-care program that combines breathing exercises, body postures, relaxation, and meditation. Medical studies are proving time and again that such yoga-derived methods can elicit the relaxation response in the nervous system. Your main physiological and psychic systems benefit significantly from this self-induced calm state.

  • Premiered in 2003, this ground-breaking program is the first to provide yoga instructors with the necessary skills to safely adapt Hatha yoga for breast cancer survivors. This population has special exercise needs and precautions according to the type of treatment received–-from lumpectomy, mastectomy and lymph node dissection to radiation, chemotherapy, and breast reconstruction.

    Part medical discourse, part spiritual inquiry, this training examines the complex array of physical, mental, and emotional challenges that survivors face. And explores how the science, philosophy, and psychology of yoga can aid recovery on all levels.




    Yoga and the Body


    Heart Rate
    Breath Rate
    Blood Pressure
    Hormone Imbalances
    Muscle Tension


    Lymph Circulation
    Joint Mobility
    Pain Control
    Spinal Alignment

    Yoga and the Mind


    Negative Thinking


    Positive Mind set
    Emotional Equilibrium


yoga for breast cancer recovery

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