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class schedule

summer 2019


Private and Small Group:

You will receive a tailor made class to suit your specific needs and level. Whether you are a very beginner looking for guidance or wish to work on various aspects of the practice such as  help with more social-emotional challenges such as stress/anxiety/depression, or more physical aspects such as flexibility, balance, or flow.  I can work with one on one, or with a partner or friends!  Classes take place at my home studio or can be in your home. I work with you to discern your goals and current physical and emotional status so you can take your practice into your daily life as you are able.


public classes

classes are variations of Vinyasa Flow, which is basically movement supported with the breath and asanas that flow into one another. elaine really emphasizes form and alignment and of course, fun!! she encourages each student to go at their own pace and embrace their own path and practice.


Core Prana Flow Yoga draws its roots from Shiva Rea’s strong Prana Flow and is strongly influenced by Sadie Nardini, who's teaching is grounded in biomechanics, physics and anatomy. Each class is developed and sequenced to build you to a peak posture using classical alignment and deep foundations to ignite the Agni (internal fire) within you. Flowing postures and breath are woven together,also utilizing core-generated alignment, improving safety and stability. Fun music, meditation and humor are intertwined to create a full experience!

core prana vinyasa flow 

This class is influenced by Core Strength Vinyasa which is based in anatomy, physics and biomechanics. this style considers the modern body as it relates to this ancient practice. this style was the only one in north america approved by yoga anatomist guru, leslie kaminoff! i bring humor, spirit and fab playlist to our strong, safe practice. chill and be challenged!

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