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YogaSpeak© is a unique combination of Yoga, Mindfulness and Talk Therapy.


In healing from any mental health issue, we must address the mind/body connection of the whole person. To promote

functional wellness, the client needs to utilize the reflective, cognitive technique of talking through issues to gain new

perspective. An often overlooked, essential aspect of healing is addressing the emotional reactions in the body that directly

affect behavior. YogaSpeak© allows the client to gain new strategies and coping skills to better manage emotions.


In a YogaSpeak© intake, we will co-create goals to focus on sessions, and I will get an idea of what brought you to this practice

and what you would like to gain from this unique approach. 

A YogaSpeak© session will look different for each client, depending upon their goals and interests. The model is a combination of 

more traditional 'Talk Therapy' where you might discuss the relevant events of the week as they pertain to your goal, and we

weave in different tools from the yogic 'menu', as they can support and forward the goals. this can include mantra, meditation, 

yogic philosophy, asana, chakra work and some life coaching. The focus of the practice is to discern what strategies and tools can

support and promote change, and to offer tools to the client to practice and use day to day.  


Clients will be given clear instructions and simple homework so they may practice their techniques at home in order to shift

habits that no longer serve their wellness and functioning.

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