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never too late...

I love this quote and every time I read it for class, I get a jolt of hope. especially on days where It does feel like I'm out here, hanging in the wind. Sometimes, honestly, on those days, I imagine the universe as a hammock, that has me in it: contained, safe and protected. It is from that safe space I can better imagine starting anew and figuring out of what service I can be that day...

“It’s never too late to completely change your entire life. To become a better person. To become an asset to this world. To be of service to humanity. To transcend your Earthly predicament with love, compassion and humility. Never believe it is too late to rise to a higher vision. Each day is a fresh, beautiful opportunity to attain a pure heart. Correct your actions. Become a living embodiment of the Supreme; full of wisdom and loving kindness. All that is of Good will lift you up into Ultimate Reality when you emanate Goodness. The Illumined Ones will assist you. You are not alone. You will attract that which you are in your heart.” ~ Sri Robert Adams

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