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Reading from class: "Going out to get happiness"

Sometimes it takes energy to get what we want. energy we may not have at the time. so re-charge and commit to nourish yourself so you can persue THAT THING(S) and not hear yourself talk about it again!

"all beings want happiness but they don't know how to go about it. they don't even know there is work to be done and a discipline to be observed in order to obtain it. they think that just because they are here on early they only ned to eat, drink , sleep earn a living and bring children into the work and they should automatically be happy but animals do pretty much the same things so what is he difference? to be on earth is no guarantee of happiness... if you want happiness, don't just sit there and do nothing about it. you must go out and start looking for the elements that nourish it; and as these elements belong to the divine world, that is where you have to look for them. once you find them you will love everyone and everything and you be loved in return; you will understand things better and you will have the power to create and achieve your aspirations." -Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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