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Yoga is for Every Body

In her article in Yoga Journal this month, Beyonce's drummer, Bibi McGill, is featured on the cover. So a stunning woman of color who is not only a rock drummer but a yoga teacher! Something she said really resonated with me. The question asked of her was this:

"You have said that yoga is for everybody. Do you think some yoga studios, teachers and media are sending out a different message right now?"

She answered this way: "I think, especially in the west, we don't try to reach people outside of thin 30-40 year old women making a certain amount of money. I think we need to stop going to the same demographic and start going to the people who need healing. The truth is, everybody needs yoga. It doesn't matter what your ethnicity or weight is, or whether you have one leg, are blind or in a wheel chair. I encourage everybody to be there. I tell everybody not to worry about what's happening on the mat next to them, that yoga is about brining balance to your body and getting in touch with the divine nature within you."

Look around the mats in your class. What do you notice? 'Nuf said. Let's work to get yoga to Every Body.


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